Drink Beer for Good Health

Beer for HealthBrian passed me an article this morning and urges us all to “drink up, in moderation and enjoy a healthier life!” Now, I love beer and, like Brian, doubt we need any more reason to enjoy it, but here goes:

Beer may prevent osteoporosis
Research done at the University of California found, through analyzing 100 beers, that most contained enough silicon to benefit bone health. This coincides with previous research findings which show that women who drink beer moderately have a higher bone density than those who do not drink beer at all.

Beer may lower heart disease risks
Apparently quite a few studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption, like drinking beer, is linked to a 40 – 60% lower incidence of heart attack.

Hops may lower bad cholesterol
IPA drinkers, listen up: hops are an incredible source of polyphenols. These super antioxidants lower bad cholesterol, give your immune system a huge boost and even fight cancer!

Beer boosts brain function
Believe it or not, moderate beer drinking (about 2 beers per day) has shown higher cognitive scores in tests versus those who have less than one drink per day.

Beer keeps you hydrated
As we noted in a blog post before, beer hydrates better than water. Just read the post if you don’t believe us!

Now, more reasons than ever to enjoy that tasty brew… or two. Thanks again to Brian for passing the article along.



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