Enjoy Your Favorite Beers Without Losing Your Shirt

Amidst my wanderings about the web this morning, I came upon an article by Paul Hightower for examiner.com, reminding us of ways to enjoy our favorite craft brews even while money’s tight. Switching to a cheaper beer is not the answer.

Buy your favorite brews in bulk

Popping by a convenience mart or craft beer store for a six-pack is generally not cost effective. Warehouse stores, like Sam’s Club, don’t only sell gigantic jars of mayo. They sell beer in bulk too. But don’t fret if your favorite brews aren’t usually stocked – if you ask them to, they’ll probably get them in for you.

Or go the draft beer at home route – after initial set-up, you’ll save even more.

When out, choose beer on tap

Draft beer is up to 40% cheaper than its bottled counterparts. You can have bottled beer almost anywhere – enjoy something on tap when you’re at a pub instead. Ounce for ounce, it’s a much better deal.

Take advantage of beer specials

Nearly every bar and beer retailer will hold specials from time to time. Whether they’re trying to push something new, get through end-of-season brews or pump up sales in slow times, craft beer specials can save you a substantial amount of dough.

Don’t forget about weeknights

On weekends, pubs are generally packed, so beer specials are harder to find. Try popping out for a drink sometime Sunday through Thursday. The weekend business is simply not there, so many bars offer discounts on specific brews or even overall savings on an evening out.

Brew your own beer at home

If you want to save some serious cash, try brewing your own beer at home. Legal and cost effective, homebrewing allows you to enjoy your favorite styles, brewed by your own hand.

Not sure how to start homebrewing? Try Mr. Beer Homebrewing Kits. Easy and fun, even a brewing novice will have a mini brew keg full of fresh beer in just 14 days.

Have some homebrewing experience under your belt? Grab a Homebrew Keg Kit and get brewing.


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