Drink Your Beer and Burn It Off

Happened upon this article from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, listing ways to burn off the calories from some some of your favorite, flavorful craft brews.

Not all beers are packed with an insane number of calories, of course, and you don’t even have to stick to the “light” varieties. Some of the styles you can count on to add less “love” to your waistline include the non-imperial versions of stouts, ambers, pilsners, pale ales and wheat brews.

Of course, we can’t always stick to the lowest calorie beers on the block. Wine Enthusiast offers a few suggestions to burn off the belly that might otherwise result from imbibing in some of our favorite brews.

Flying Dog Horn Dog
This Barleywine packs in 314 calories per serving, which is like chowing down a cup of pork lo mein (hmmm… I haven’t had Chinese in a while and it’s sounding pretty good right about now). The article recommends playing 75 minutes of mini golf to burn every one of those calories off.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Here’s another Barleywine style that will add 330 calories to your daily count, which is like shoveling in a side-serving of Boston Market macaroni and cheese. Wine Enthusiast suggests just over an hour of shoveling snow to rid yourself of those newly acquired calories, if you’re so inclined.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
This super-strong India Pale Ale weighs in at an incredible 450 calories, which is like binging on a tasty smoked sausage. You’ll have to sweat quite a bit to burn these buggers off. The article recommends an hour of kickboxing for a full body workout that will do the trick.


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