Drinkify – Harmonizing Music & Liquid Refreshment

Visit Drinkify.org and type in a musical artist – any artist or band that comes to mind. One click of the “What Should I Drink” button and you’re served an adult beverage recipe that corresponds with the musician(s) you entered (and quite possibly your mood.) As an added bonus, you get to listen to their music as you read the recipe.



I’ve had a lot of fun running the gamut of my iTunes collection just to see what Drinkify will come up with. Here’s a small sampling of what I got:

Led Zeppelin

The Led Zeppelin

8 oz Canadian Club whiskey
8 oz coffee

Combine in a highball glass and serve.

Pearl Jam

The Pearl Jam


Serve cold.

Jack Johnson

The Jack Johnson

2 oz Sipsmith gin
2 oz honey
1 bottle cranberry juice

Combine in a highball glass. Garnish with a shrimp and serve.


The Metallica

4 oz Captain Morgan spiced rum

Sere neat. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Kanye West

The Kanye West

6 oz Hennessey

Serve neat. Stir slowly.

Makes sense to me. If nothing else, all of these recipes provide great entertainment value.

Drinkify was built in “twenty-four boozy hours” by a designer, a data person, and a code guy at Music Hack Day Boston 2011 and not only do I enjoy what they came up with, I think that its origin makes for a pretty cool story.

According to the site, The Echo Nest platform and popular music site Last.fm help to power Drinkify.

I’m hoping they do a reverse version sometime – where I type in what I want to drink and they give me new music suggestions to compliment my type of tipple. That would be thirst quenching, mind-expanding, and with any luck pleasing to my ears.

Regardless, do yourself a favor and give Drinkify a shot, it’s great fun.


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