Drinking Friends Are the Best Friends

When you work at KegWorks, your friends all know that you work at KegWorks, and you end up having lots of conversations about drinking. If you love talking about all things related to drinking, it’s a real hidden benefit to working here.

Need an example? A good friend of mine recently shared an article with me about a formula for a perfect martini in this Golden Age of Like, A Million Different Gin Choices. It’s a great read and I strongly recommend it. It’s all about math, drinking, and figuring out just what makes your tastebuds stand up and say “Well, top ‘o the morning to ye Guv’nah!”

Splash Martini

Beauty at its best.

But what I really wanted to highlight today is the reaction that another of my friends had to this link:

“The anecdote about Hemingway’s name for his 15:1 martini – outstanding.

I’d like the martini formula for occasions when I can’t control which gin I have at my disposal. Using the formula, one can hypothetically figure out how to keep the drinks at a certain ABV all night. But really who needs more than 2 martinis of any strength? By the end of 2, I’m sliding plates off tables.

But the article mentions nothing of taste – especially of the taste of the dry vermouth, which usually sucks. Change the ratio to match a target ABV, and you change the experience of the drink considerably.

I think this formula works better for straight whiskeys of different proofs when diluted with water.”

Now that’s how you give a thoughtful, well-composed reaction to a fascinating article! So what’s the lesson here? Drinking friends are the best friends. And martinis are strong no matter how you make them.


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