Drunken School Bus Brewery Tour: Part 2

Our second leg of the trip was to Erie Brewing Company, the largest of the three breweries we visited that day. As Charles shows us, there are quite a few fermenting tanks at this joint.

Fermenting Tanks at Erie Brewing Company

We were left to frolic through the brewery without any guidance. Probably not the best of ideas when there’s a bus full of tipsy adults involved, but I know I had fun.

Fermenting Tanks at Erie Brewing Company

The bottling equipment was off for the day but it appears that Railbender Ale, their Scottish style ale and flagship brew, is next in line.

Bottling Line at Erie Brewing Company

After spending ample time in the actual brewery, we up up the tasting room for as much free beer as we could put down before the bus was ready to leave for the next stop. They gave us each our own tasting glass to keep, too.

Enjoying our free beer

Our tour guide disappeared for a bit (again, probably not the best idea with a bus-full of rowdy adults), so Courtney, the lovely wife of KegWork’s own draft beer guru, Pete, and I decided to hit up the tasting room taps ourselves for one last glass before hitting the road with a case for the next 45 minute ride.

Pouring Beer at Erie Brewing

One more installment of our Drunken School Bus Brewery Tour, coming soon. Feel free to check out part one of the tour here.




  • Rob April 27, 2010 @ 5:02am

    fun little trip. I want the next one to last a bit longer; for me not to have to work right after; and to have a bit more sleep from the night before, but ultimately, this one was a blast. Perhaps Deleware for Dogfish Head? Fingers crossed.

  • Hannah April 27, 2010 @ 6:40am

    Rob – DFH for the win! That would be rad.

  • Rob April 27, 2010 @ 10:57pm

    BTW my photography skills on the second pic are top notch. I am a regular Ansel Adams.

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