Drunken School Bus Brewery Tour: Part 3

Our third and final stop of the brewery/brew pub tour was Sprague Farms in Venango, PA, which was 45 minutes from Erie Brewing Company. 45 minutes is a long way to go without beer, so we made sure to get a few cases for the bus.

Mad Hatter APA

The beer in my hand above is Erie Brewing Company American Pale Ale. Not my favorite of the style, but certainly a nice addition to the school bus, this APA offers more hoppy flavor than aroma and is very, very carbonated. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it if offered to me, either.

Now, when I mentioned that Sprague is a fully functioning farm, I meant it; bales of hay and all. Here we are enjoying some fresh-brewed porter, with me apparently in mid-sentence (gee, that’s novel).

Sprague Farms Porter

Just a bit after the above picture, the weather turned and rain it was for the rest of the night… not that we minded. In fact, I barely noticed I was completely soaked to the bone at all. Ah, the warming effects of alcohol…

Soaking Wet at Sprague Farms

Once it was dark and we were thoroughly inebriated, we headed back to the bus and I shot one more pic before passing out… looks like Charles was the only one ready for the final photo op.

Last Photo on the Bus

It was an incredible day filled with laughter and beer. I cannot wait to jump on another drunken bus tour again. If you missed them, check out part 1 and part 2 of the trip!



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