Dyngus Day the Buffalo Way!

Buffalo Central TerminalUsually my Monday nights consist of video games, watching shows from the D.V.R. or surfing the Internet. I thought this week would be no different. Then I remembered it was the annual Dyngus Day celebration at the Buffalo Central Terminal.

This was my first time at this event and I did not know what to expect. First let me tell you about the Buffalo Central Terminal. This place is a massive, wide open space with blown out windows and very little heat or the means to keep the heat in. What heat you ask? These fancy flame Polka Shaneblasting dome topped table heater things were all over the big room we were jammed into. Also the biggest open flamed turbo heater I have ever seen.

The event had all the right elements including a Polka band, food, drinks, pussy willows, squirt guns and tons of people. There were 2 main rooms set up inside; one housed the band, the ice bar, and a big tent that you would normally see outside for a graduation party. I have to hand it to these guys. It was freezing in there and these guys were rocking. They would play modern songs in true polka fashion. They never had a shortage of people willing to dance.

The second room contained all the food vendors and drink slingers. This was also the only room they attempted to heat. It was wall to wall people and everyone seemed to be having a very good time. We got frustrated in the beer line because it was way too long. We found the wine line to be much shorter so were drinking hard cider all night. It was a good time for sure but I was informed by my girlfriend that next year we are going to participate in a more traditional celebration. Great! Let’s polka!

See more from the great Dyngus Day celebration here, at DyngusDayBuffalo.com


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