Beer Geek Paradise

Wow!!! Just watched this great YouTube post (embedded below) from the WeAreHereForTheBeer folks touring the beer cellar at Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell Maine. I am a proud Beer Geek and I am pretty sure if I died and went to heaven it would look a lot like the beer cellar at Ebenezer’s pub. The clip has to be watched just to believe the incredible variety of excellent beer—some it aged for over 10 years. Just watching this video got my mouth watering and made me want to run out of the office to my nearest good beer bar to spend the rest of this day savoring great beer. [techtags: HERE FOR THE BEER, EBENEZER’S PUB, EBENEZER’S BEER CELLAR, BEER CELLAR VIDEO, EBENEZER’S PUB VIDEO]

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