eCool: “Save the World, One Earth-Cooled Beer at a Time”


Here at the KegWorks blog, we’ve shown you some coolers that are, well, pretty cool. We’ve talked about the COOLEST, the SolarCooler, and even our own Par 6 Golf Bag Can Cooler.

Well, today, we’re going to continue that proud tradition, because, really, what’s more important than keeping your beer cold?

Friends, meet the eCool! Designed and developed by four Danes, the eCool (or “earth cooler”) is the world’s first cooler specially crafted to harness the natural cooling power of Mother Earth herself.

Photo via eCool Facebook Page

Photo via eCool Facebook Page

No electricity, no melting ice, no nothing. Just a well-insulated tube that can withstand the harshest elements that any of the four seasons can throw at it, a simple hand crank, and a hole in the ground produced by a garden drill or shovel. That’s it.

Photo via eCool Facebook Page

Photo via eCool Facebook Page

As the guys at eCool say on their website, this is really a perfect cooler for the beer lover who has everything. It makes a great addition to any premium backyard BBQ spot and can even be brought camping (if you don’t mind a little bit of manual labor before you start cracking cold ones in the wild).

Kudos on a cool product eCool. Everyone, go check this thing out!

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