More Edible Shot Cups

So, the dark Belgian shot cups we started carrying aren’t enough, huh? You need wafer shot cups, lined in chocolate too? Chocolate Lined Cone Shot CupsFine. You got it. New to our edible shot cup family are Chocolate Lined Wafer Shot Cups, for the kid in all of us. These mini ice cream cones are lined with chocolate so you can fill them with whatever you like, be it ice cream, liquor, pudding, whatever! Try them with Bailey’s and whipped cream – ice cream cones aren’t just for children anymore. Great for any type of event or get together. Get 16 Chocolate Lined Wafer Shot Cups for just $8.95. [techtags:EDIBLE SHOTS, CHOCOLATE SHOT CUPS, WAFER SHOT CUPS, EDIBLE SHOT CUPS, ICE CREAM SHOT CUPS]

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