Zap! The Sweet Sounds of Pest Control

Zzzap. Zzzzzzzzap, zap zap. Ah, the sounds of summer at my uncle’s house in the Adirondacks. The month of July is still here, but with all of the rain this year, it’s been nice to finally start enjoying the weather, even if it does have a 50% chance of rain. Those fond memories were made when I was much younger and the simpler things in life mattered more. Just hearing the electric buzz of the bug zapper on a warm July night, knowing there was one less bug to bite me, was a great way to kill time while talking to my uncle about politics that an 8-year-old could barely understand. Those were the days… Electronic Bug Zapper [techtags:BUG ZAPPER, ELECTRIC BUG ZAPPER, ELECTRONIC PEST CONTROL]

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