Enjoy A Dance With The Green Fairy: Today Is National Absinthe Day

I’ve written before about the glories of absinthe, and let’s face it, I’m a pretty persuasive guy. So all I can really do is assume that every last soul who read this piece from almost two years ago went out in search of a dance with the Green Fairy immediately after reading it. I mean, the lucid drunkenness, the forging of a connection with some of history’s most interesting people, the sheer majesty of the ritual. What’s not to like?

The Green Fairy

But for those of you who for whatever reason found yourselves unmoved to action by the brilliance of my previous blog post, I’ve got good news for you. I’m about to try again because today is National Absinthe Day…

Friends, prepare your sugar cubes. Polish your slotted spoons. Pull your special glasses out of the “fancy glassware that you don’t use that much hutch” in your dining room. Just think, a whole day devoted to the unearthly delights of wormwood at its finest. I’m positively atingle with excitement, and I hope you are too.

Absinthe has an aura about it. I mean, it’s not that it even remotely resembles the dangerous intoxicant it was thought of as in the early 20th century. That whole idea was ludicrous and a result of overeager legislation in a political climate that for some reason equated temperance with godliness. The fact of the matter is that absinthe is no more dangerous than any other spirit with a robust ABV, and should be treated accordingly.

But it IS different because honestly, drinking it isn’t like drinking other drinks. It’s not like cracking open a beer. It’s not like sipping some Pinot. It’s not even like delicately mixing a craft cocktail featuring an array of fresh herbal ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

Preparing an absinthe cocktail is like transporting oneself back to an era of indulgence. You must take your time and exercise patience. You must grant yourself the luxury of reveling in the beauty of doing something right because it’s a job that deserves that kind of attention. Fill your glass with the proper dosing of anise-flavored delight, lay your slotted spoon delicately over the top, gently place a sugar cube over the slots, and begin the slow, methodical drizzling of ice cold water until your cocktail is complete.

Absinthe Starter Kit

Behold the shimmering beauty of the Green Fairy in all her glory! Bask in her luminescence and unleash yourself from the trials and tribulations of your day. This is not the time to be wearing the weight of the world on your shoulders. Allow yourself a reprieve. Allow yourself to celebrate National Absinthe Day in the best way possible: with the magic of the elixir itself. Cheers!

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