No Pumpkin? Carve Limes Instead!

I love Halloween! It’s always been one of my favorite holidays! The air is crisp and cool (unless it’s snowing up here, then you have to bundle up over your costume and spend the entire night explaining to strangers what you are and that your mom made you wear all the winter gear you own, because “she’s cold”) and the night is ripe for leaf jumping and tons of running around aimlessly with your friends. Now as I’m a “grown up” I look back fondly on these memories and make new traditions with my family.

One of my favorite traditions is the annual carving of the limes! There was one year that my (now) wife and I waited until October 30th to get pumpkins and we drove around for hours not finding a single one. Out of frustration, we grabbed a 6 pack of Corona and a bag of limes and went to her apartment. Feeling adventurous, we decided to carve the limes instead, and it worked out well, for the carving and the display, since she lived in the smallest shoebox of a studio apartment that I had ever seen.

Halloween Carving Pumpkins and Limes with Corona

Ever since then we have always had our Pumpkin, Lime and Corona night (well before the 30th, I might add) as a Halloween tradition.

Halloween Carving Pumpkins and Limes with Corona


Halloween Carving Pumpkins and Limes with Corona

Happy Halloween to All!


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