Enjoy Your Bar All Year Long

Drink TenderEvery good KegWorks customer (or employee) knows that nothing beats an ice-cold beer poured fresh from the tap. Bottles second, cans only when you have to. If we had our druthers here, we would have draft beer and only draft beer.

Something that we learned from a recent survey we sent out to customers on our mailing list is that over 80% of our customers, either already have or are in the market for a draft beer system. So, we know that you, too, are draft beer lovers.

A question that we get asked a lot in the summer is: I have draft beer inside, how do I get it outside?

Well, here is one of our most popular items and a fantastic option for enjoying your draft beer while you enjoy the weather in your backyard or by your pool.

The Drink Tender keeps draft beer cold and fresh on you deck, by your pool, wherever. It holds 80-ounces of draft beer (or any drink), serves through a tap, rotates and even lights up.

Get a couple for a big party and put them on every table.

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