Entourage’s Adrian Grenier Launches New Beer In Old-School Cans

Churchkey Pilsner by Adrian Grenier

Last week, Hollywood star and self-proclaimed activist, Adrian Grenier (best known as Vinny on HBO’s hit series Entourage) announced his entrance into the beer market.

With his friend Justin Hawkins by his side, Grenier has decided to chase his dreams and create his own brew – or maybe it’s just a brand? Either way, he’ll probably be the guy in the beer business voted "most likely to sleep with a supermodel."

The new venture, Churchkey Can Co., makes a nostalgic reference to an old-style can opener called the Churchkey, which punched triangular holes in flat top cans.

Churchkey Pilsner

Grenier assures us that this is not a "vanity project or a hipster novelty," although, I find that hard to believe. This is the same guy who posts pictures of himself on Facebook with captions that read, "Relationship problems? Tell Dr. Adrian about them and I’ll address one next week."

It’s no surprise that the Entourage star has no hand in the brewing itself. He’s left that up to Hawkins’ friends – homebrewers Sean Burke and Lucas Jones. He’s still pretty good at memorizing lines though, as he described the light pilsner as having "notes of bread, citrus, grass, spice and a distinct hop flavor."

The new beer has a 4.9% ABV, and is set to be released in select establishments in Brooklyn later this year. Let’s just hope it’s not the Medellin of beer!

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