Environmentally Safer Beer Pong

As summer begins, I think of all of the great times to come and of course of the ones I’ve had. Many a summer night was spent outside playing beer pong and to think of all of the red cups I’ve wasted is terrible.

Reusable Beer Pong Cups by ReRack

Reusable beer pong cups are definitely the way I would go if I were able to do it all again. Ruining your vital organs in college is your fault, but don’t kill the earth. Just seeing the oil spill in action and how it is ruining lives and our natural resources should give you pause to think for a moment. What we do can affect the earth, so if you’re planning on enjoying yourself in the summer months, enjoy responsibly, and environmentally… But definitely still have fun!

Reusable Beer Pong Cups by ReRack



  • M June 22, 2010 @ 4:27pm

    Who won the game?

  • Hannah June 22, 2010 @ 4:58pm

    M – Liz TOTALLY kicked Vitaly’s and Korey’s butts.

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