Espresso and Tonic? Who Knew!

At KegWorks, we’re all about unique taste creations. Hell, the entire art of mixology is all about taking chances with different flavors and trying to build layer upon layer of cascading deliciousness. And don’t even get me started about the delicate balancing act that takes place in home brewing. But just the other day, we discovered something different:

Espresso and tonic.


Yeah. You read that right. Take a glass of ice-cold, effervescent tonic (about six ounces) and slowly drizzle a shot of rich, roasty espresso into it. One word of warning though: be prepared to fall in love.

We heard about this trend through the wonderful website The article discusses Kevin Bohlin, the owner of Saint Frank Coffee Shop in trendy San Francisco. Please allow me the liberty of lifting a quick paragraph directly:

“”First off, not just any combination of espresso and tonic will do.” He tasted through eight brands of tonic—some too lemony, some too bitter—before finding a just-right fit in Fever Tree.”

Oh man, where the heck can you buy a tonic as exquisite as Fever Tree? Too bad it’s so hard to find….Oh wait. You can get it right here at KegWorks! Glory days are here again caffeine freaks! Get your Fever Tree today and start pouring something truly wonderful.


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