Facebook Ads Are Funny

We’ve got a KegWorks Facebook page and not too long ago, we decided to do some advertising on Facebook. We thought it would make it easier for people who are into good beer, draft beer and awesome cocktails to find us and learn about our site. We created some ads and they’ve done really well so far – we’ve gained new fans, some new customers and we’re having a whole lot of fun interacting with everyone.

Seeing as I’m the one who manages this kind of stuff, I’m on Facebook throughout the day responding to questions and keeping in touch. I get the sponsored ads just like everyone else and I can’t help but laugh at most of the ones I see.

The targeting capabilities are pretty intense, so the ads are supposed to be relevant. Sometimes they are. For example, after Lebron James had announced his next move, I changed my status to ‎”First the cast of Jersey Shore goes to Miami, then the Kardashians and now LeBron James? The next thing coming Miami’s way? A meteor.”

Now, I’m bombarded with these Kardashian ads (the second of which spelled Kardashian wrong):

Facebook Ad

Long before that, I’d posted about how I’d spent hours cleaning the interior of my car before going out to dinner. On the way home leftover hearty chicken stew sloshed out of the container and ended up all over my passenger seat. That was about 3 or 4 months ago but don’t worry, this ad started showing up:

Facebook Ad

Some of the other ads, aren’t so relevant. I’m not really into fishing, so I don’t know why this ad appears. Also, I’ve witnessed a lot of people fishing but they’ve never looked like that or crouched down that way. Maybe fishing has changed?

Facebook Ad

This image just scares me.

Facebook Ad

I am a marketer, but this is just an embarrassment to our kind.

Facebook Ad

#1. Who are these dudes and why are they smiling like that? What makes them warriors? What does a marketing warrior do?
#2. “Rarest” is not really a desirable quality, in my opinion.
#3. The capitalization is wild!
#4. “Limited Time. Act Now!” proves you market the same way as everyone else.
#5. Why didn’t a top producer write this ad?

That being said, our Facebook ads (like this one) are looking pretty good.

Facebook Ad



  • O'Shea Shenanigans July 26, 2010 @ 1:47pm

    I wear the same white shorts whenver I go fishing, especially if someone is bringing along a camera!

  • Liz July 26, 2010 @ 1:57pm

    Oh really? Interesting! Maybe I should look into that fishing club after all.

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