Fall, Football and Harvest Ale

Today marks the first day of my favorite time of the year: football season! I can barely contain myself. As of this moment whilst typing, I have but 12 hours to wait until the season officially begins. I swear I’m going to tackle anyone who even thinks about walking into my office. Consider yourself warned.

The past few days, I’ve been considering which beer to enjoy for the season opener. I wanted something autumn-oriented but not super malty, like an Oktoberfest, with an ABV that hovers between 5 and 7%. After much contemplation, I believe I’ve found the perfect fit – Southern Tier Harvest Ale.

Southern Tier Harvest Ale

Harvest Ale is a celebration of the fall season and the sowing of hops and barley that Southern Tier will use in future brews. One of my favorite styles, this Extra Special Bitter (ESB) takes its hops aspect to a whole new level. Not only does Southern Tier add fresh English hops to the brew, but they also dry hop after fermentation for even more kick. Despite all this, don’t go thinking it’s just a hop bomb. Harvest Ale is balanced by fresh, malted barley for an experience perfectly akin to the season.

Now you know what I’ll be enjoying this evening for kickoff. How about you? What’s in your glass tonight?


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