Father’s Day Gifts for Eight Types of Dads

It is notoriously difficult to pick out gifts for dads. They are adults, after all, and prone to buying themselves whatever they want, whenever they want it.  So, while the easy thing to do might be to buy him a new set of golf balls or–for the third year in a row—a new tie, the better thing to do is to get him something super fun and super tailored to his interests. Make it a Father’s Day he won’t soon forget.

The Great Outdoorsman

If your dad is a sleep-under-the-stars, wrestle-a-bear, wrangle-a-fish, snag-a-buck kind of guy, his drinking needs are pretty specific. The intense situations he finds himself in on the regular call for specialized tools to ensure his beer (and other beverages) are as immune to the environmental conditions as he is.


Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler

A Yeti-brand cooler is the ultimate gift for the rugged dad. Yes, it will cost you more than a standard model, but Yeti’s superior cooling capabilities and indestructibility make it more than worth the money. This versatile 65-quart chilling powerhouse utilizes a rotomolding construction process to ensure that each cooler’s polyethylene exterior is impermeable to even a hungry grizzly. Most importantly, the walls contain two inches of patented PermaFrost™ insulation that keeps the interior frosty cold and the exterior condensation-free for days at a time, making it ideal for a deep sea fishing or hunting expedition, or any other wilderness adventure.

yeti rambler

Yeti Rambler Stainless Steel Growler

This 64-ounce growler is highly engineered to offer the same world-class insulation as a Yeti cooler, all while holding your dad’s favorite hot or cold beverage. It’s crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, features double-walled insulation and a patented No Sweat™ design that ensures cold drinks stay cold, hot drinks stay hot, and dad’s hands stay dry and comfortable whether he’s on the boat, in a cabin, or hiking through rugged terrain.

buck tap handle


Buck Beer Tap Handle

If your hunting hobbyist of a father has a draft beer setup at home, this novelty beer tap handle is sure to give him “buck fever.” And if he doesn’t already have a draft system in place, you could always get him a kegerator or kegerator conversion kit to match…


The Beer Geek

Lots of dads love beer, but not all dads geek out on beer trading forums or cellar their beer with lofty plans to conduct a vertical tasting in 2019. Yours does, and for him only nerdiest beer gift will do.

Spiegelau Glassware

Amplify your craft-beer loving father’s tasting experience with a set of Spiegelau. Spiegelau beer glasses have been highly engineered and expertly crafted from the purest, thinnest platinum glass to deliver superior beer performance. Heads are headier. Hops are are hoppier. Texture is optimized. And intricate flavor compounds are crisp, clear, and more pronounced. But don’t just take our word for it. Spiegelau worked closely with a tasting panel of master brewers and industry professionals to develop specialty glassware that brings out the best in India Pale Ales, American Wheat Beer, Stouts, Lagers, and Barrel-Aged Beer. 

pressurized growler
uKeg 64 Pressurized Beer Growler

Your beer-loving dad probably hasn’t seen a growler like this before. Made from vacuum-insulated 18/8 stainless steel, the uKeg is designed to keep your brew icy cold all day long. But the real innovation lies in the custom tap and the patented VPR pressurization cap that ensures your dad’s beer stays brewery-fresh and perfectly carbonated so he can enjoy that true draft taste no matter where he goes.

bar signCenosillicaphobia – The Fear Of An Empty Glass Metal Bar Sign

If your dad loves beer and likes cool bar signs (who doesn’t?), then he’ll really love hanging this Cenosillicaphobia metal sign on the wall of his home bar, den, or office. It’s a KegWorks-original design that serves as an eye-catching reminder to be wary of the world’s most sensible fear: cenosillicaphobia (literally, “fear of an empty glass”).


The Master Chef

Some dads feel most at home in the kitchen. These are the guys who dedicate untold hours poring over Internet food porn and tinkering with their proprietary steak seasoning blend until they get it just so. They own pasta machines and ice cream makers, know better than to eat a fine cheese right out of the fridge, and can throw together a homemade pizza dough without consulting a recipe.   

For this type of dad, you might consider a gift that takes into account his passion for experimenting with bold and interesting flavors.

hella bitters
Hella Bitter Craft Your Own Bitters Kit

This kit from the Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based company Hella Bitter contains the high-quality tools, botanicals, and spices dad will need to make cocktail bitters like a pro–all he has to bring to the table is a high-proof neutral spirit like vodka. Dad can stick with the flavoring blend provided, or he can use it as a starting-point for his own special recipe by adding flavor components that speak to his unique palate.

bitters set

Scrappy’s Classic Cocktail Bitters Sampler Gift Pack

In the world of craft cocktails, having a varied selection of bitters on hand is as important as having a well-stocked spice rack is to the cooking process. The more flavors you have, the more interesting and personalized you can make your final product.

KegWorks carries the world’s largest selection of cocktail bitters, but we recognize that having so many choices can be daunting. That’s where this 4-bottle sampler pack from premium bitters producer Scrappy’s comes in handy. With .5 ounces each of  aromatic, orange, Orleans, and celery bitters, you’ll be giving your dad the building blocks to an enviable bitters collection. What’s more, the use of bitters isn’t limited to cocktails. They can be used in plenty of cooking and baking applications, too!

homebrew kitBrewcraft Deluxe Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit

If your dad loves cooking, that must mean he takes pleasure in applying principles of art and science to the pursuit of all things delicious. So it’s safe to assume that he’ll probably also love home brewing!  This kit has all the specialized tools your dad will need get started. Combine it with a homebrew ingredient kit, and you have yourself a Father’s Day gift that may very well kick off a lifetime hobby for dear old dad.

infuse recipe book

Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water – a Recipe Book by Eric Prum and Josh Williams

This beautifully designed book is chock-full of culinary and cocktail infusion recipes as well as tips and inspiration for dad on how to incorporate fresh infusions into his food and beverage repertoire. Examples of the books many offerings include a recipe for spicy chili oil as a topping for grilled pizza bianca and a hot toddy spiked with peach-infused bourbon.


The Tailgating Hero

Your dad isn’t content to tailgate with a bag of chip and a six-pack. On the contrary, he is the guy who plans his menu a week in advance and arrives at the lot at the break of dawn to set up the bloody mary bar and start smoking a hunk of meat. He may or may not have been known to wear team color face paint, and he almost certainly knows a backroads route to the stadium that avoids even a minute of traffic. He is a pre-gaming professional. Celebrate his passion with the perfect Father’s Day gift.

CornHole Bean Bag Toss Tailgating Game

In the world of outdoor picnic games, nothing gets the trash talk flowing quite like a rousing bout of bean bag toss, also charmingly known as cornhole. At KegWorks, we have a suite of cornhole sets, from boards fashioned to resemble novelty wooden “cans” of your dad’s favorite brew, to a professional caliber option that folds up for easy transport.

watermelon tap
Deluxe Watermelon Tap Kit

Set you dad up to be a tailgating maven with this kit that turns an everyday watermelon into a drink-dispensing wonder-keg. This shank and faucet combo is easily installed into a standard, hollowed-out watermelon and will provide hassle-free dispensing for any type of beverage. Hint: it can also be used on pumpkins come football season! 

The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser

This massive beverage dispenser with built-in lights for nighttime illumination keeps up to 80 ounces of your dad’s favorite beverage ice cold and at the ready! If he’s the kind of guy who’d rather be hobnobbing with his tailgating buddies than being stuck pouring drinks all day, he can use the BrewTender to let family and  friends can serve themselves. Entertaining has never been easier.

jockey box
Jockey Box

For outdoor beer dispensing, nothing beats the king of all tailgating equipment… the jockey box. Basically, a jockey box is a cooler with a draft beer faucet (or faucets) on the front, dispensing coils covered by an ice bath inside, and a shank through the back connecting to a keg that sits behind the cooler. Get your dad one of these babies and make him officially cooler than all the other dads in the lot.


The History Buff

If your dad has a passion for the past as well as a thirst for fine brews and cocktails, you’ll do well to get him something that speaks to the United States’ decades upon decades of robust drinking culture.

mint julep cup
Mint Julep Cup

Give your dad a Mint Julep cup and let him sip a little piece of the past. Mint Juleps are bourbon and mint cocktails that originated among southern high society sometime in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century. They have also been the official drink of the Kentucky Derby for nearly 100 years. As a rule, authentic Mint Juleps have always been served in footed silver cups, which have been prized heirlooms across generations of southern families. This 12-ounce, nickel-plated beauty isn’t quite that old, but it approximates the experience of drinking a Mint Julep like a proper Victorian gentleman.

vintage spirits book
Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails by Ted “Dr. Cocktail” Haigh

From the Alamagoozlum to the Zombie, Ted “Dr. Cocktail” Haigh presents rediscovered cocktail recipes and the stories behind them in this beautifully illustrated book. Most of the featured recipes are for drinks rarely made today. Some of these drinks were found carefully penned into old cocktail manuals or on scraps of paper and may never have been published if not for Haigh. Pick up a copy for your dad, and let him use this book as a guide to explore the history of some unique cocktails.

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking by Mark Will-Weber

Your dad will be pleased as punch to follow along as the author takes him on an alcoholic journey through all 44 presidents and the alcohol-related anecdotes and events that shaped their time in office. This book also contains a wide assortment of presidential recipes from FDR’s Rum Swizzle to Obama’s Honey House Ale. Brimming with historical facts and little-known presidential tales, history buffs and drinking enthusiasts alike are sure to love it.



The Homebrew Hobbyist

Your dad knows that there are few hobbies as versatile as home brewing. And whether he is a fresh-faced beginner or a grizzled veterans of the wort wars, every new batch offers opportunity for new adventure. Why not get him something that will set the stage for his next hop-infused exploit?

cask ale firkins
Cask Ale Supplies

If your dad has been homebrewing for some time and is ready for the next challenge, giving him the tools to brew cask ale is the perfect gift. Cask ale is a style of beer that undergoes secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed. The yeast in cask ale remains alive and active, and it is dispensed without the use of extraneous gases. The result is a lightly carbonated, rich and complex brew that tastes as beer would have before modern preservation methods and draft dispensing systems.

cask ale bung

To brew cask ale, your dad will need a
stainless steel pin cask that has been specially designed to aid in cask conditioning, a wooden stillage for resting the cask on its side, a soft spile, hard spile, keystone bung, shive bung, and a cask ale tap.

corny kegs
Homebrew Cornelius Keg

Cask ale isn’t the only route for a homebrewing dad. Alternatively, give him a gift that will let him skip the hassle of bottling homebrew with a brand new (i.e., not refurbished) homebrew Cornelius (Corny) Keg. Originally developed (and still used) to store, distribute, and dispense soda like Pepsi or Coke, Corny kegs like these have become very popular with homebrewers who want to enjoy their fruits of their labor on draft.


The Sports Nut

It’s no secret that drinking and competitive athletics go hand in hand. From tailgating to an afternoon on the golf course to a friendly co-ed softball game, libations seems to be a necessary and intrinsic feature of any sporting event. Help your sports fanatic father more seamlessly blend the two with one of these great gifts.

dart boardBlack Laminate Cabinet Dartboard Set

Tap into your dad’s competitive spirit with the perfect man cave accessory. This traditionally designed dartboard is made from self-healing sisal fiber that can stand up to decades worth of bullseyes. The handsome, jet-black laminated MDF cabinet features convenient dry-erase scoreboards on the insides of its doors so your dad doesn’t have to be a math whiz to figure out the winner (though, something tells us, he’s always the winner).

football-tailgate-tablePortable Football Tailgating & Beer Pong Table

No stranger to tailgating, your sports-fiend of a dad knows the importance of a solid, easily transportable table. He can use it for beer pong or flip cup, or he can clear the cups and get down to the business of setting up his world-famous football buffet. It’s easy-to-clean aluminum construction, quick-folding portability, and football field graphics are sure to make it a Father’s Day win

cooler folding chairPersonalized All-In-One Tailgate Cooler Chair

Another sporting event must-have? The perfect place to sit. Made of heavy-duty 600D polyester with a full layer of frost-preserving insulation, this easy-to-carry chair doubles as a cooler. Or maybe it’s a cooler that’s also a chair? In any case, it also offers free personalization of up to 12 block letters so everyone will know the name of the genius with the cooler chair.

golf bag
Par 6 Golf Bag Can Cooler

If golf is your dad’s game of choice, he knows that no round is complete without a few tasty brews. But if he doesn’t have a reliable golf bag cooler, he is likely drinking lukewarm suds by the 5th hole. This handy specimen is specially designed to fit into the shoe pocket of your dad’s golf bag to keep up to six beers ice cold and refreshing. It’s made of polyester with a layer of closed cell insulating foam and a reusable gel pack that ensures ultimate frostiness.



Travelin’ Man

If your dad has a chronic case of wanderlust, look no further than than a drinking gift designed for the imbibing man in transit.

carry on cocktail kitThe Old Fashioned Carry On Cocktail Kit

Nothing hits the spot on a long flight like whiskey. Hook up the dad who is always jet setting with the tools he needs to craft a first-class Old Fashioned at 30,000 feet. The kit includes a bar spoon, recipe card, linen napkin, and enough sugar and aromatic bitters for two drinks–one for his inbound and one for his outbound flight.

martini-travel-barDeluxe Portable Travel Bar Set

Help your dad tap into his inner Don Draper with a debonair travel cocktail service for two. Inside the velvet-lined, premium leatherette case, he’ll find Martini glasses, cotton napkins, cocktail picks, a stainless steel shaker and strainer, cocktail jigger, tongs, an atomizer spray bottle, and bar spoon with enough space left over for two of his favorite full-size liquor bottles.

wine coolerPortable 6 Bottle Wine Bottle Cooler

For your oenophile, on-the-go father, an insulated cooler roomy enough for six bottles of his favorite reds and whites is the way to go. The durable, Rip-Stop Nylon exterior is made with ThermoGuard insulation and a foil lid keeps your wine and food cooler, longer, while the waterproof lining and a removable divider make it easy to keep this wine travel case’s interior neat and clean. Go ahead, put the “port” back in “portable.”

Sun Worshiper

While some dads find solace in the woods, others are more content at the water’s edge. Regardless of whether your dad is the type of water baby who likes to keep his toes in the sand or prefers to lounge poolside, we have just the thing to keep him satisfied all summer long.

yeti colster
Yeti Rambler Colster

This stainless steel can and bottle koozie from the insulating pros at Yeti takes drink insulating to the next level. Dad simply places his beverage in the Colster, pops the patented Load-and Lock™ gasket over top, and screws it tight to enjoy hours of frosty refreshment for hours in the blazing sun without any external condensation.

inflatable beer pongPortOPong Inflatable Floating Pool Beer Pong Table

Or, help your dad unleash his inner frat boy with a portable, floating beer pong table. It’s just like a regular beer pong table except better…because you play it in a pool.

corona-ritaCoronaRita Drink Clips

For the beach bum dad who can never seem to choose between a refreshing margarita or an ice-cold Corona, CoronaRita Drink Clips offer the best of both worlds! They attach directly to the side of a standard margarita glass (the yellow clips), or schooner or goblet glass (the blue clips) and hold a seven-ounce Coronita bottle securely upside down so as your father sips his margarita, the beer slowly empties into his glass. Tack on a bottle of margarita mix and some rimming salt, and you have yourself a nice little gift set!

Didn’t see what you were looking for? Check out our full list of perfect Father’s Day gift ideas. Or let us know your favorite KegWorks product is to give away as a gift? Let us know in the comments!


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