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Who isn’t on Facebook these days? KegWorks sure is. You should be come a fan. Need a good reason? Here’s 5:

1. It’s so easy a drunken monkey could do it! Simply click here then hit “Become a Fan” right under our photo (upper left portion of the profile)

Note: If you don’t have a Facebook profile already, you’ll need to create one to become a fan. C’mon – everybody’s doing it.

2. You’ll be the first to know. KegWorks blog posts are posted as Facebook Notes as soon as they go live. That way, you’ll always know when something new is posted and you don’t have to remember to check the website. You’ll also hear about the coolest new products, the best beers, and even KegWorks job openings as they become available.

3. Fun photos. We post our pictures and videos you can upload your own to share! We always love to see that crazy keg dispensing contraption you made with the parts you bought on our website.

4. Easy access to KegWorks employees and their extensive draft beer and cocktail knowledge. We’re on the page everyday, so whether you’ve got a great new beer you want reviewed, a question about your kegerator, or a cocktail recipe you’d like to share – we’re here for you!

5. You get to interact with cool people. In addition to the KegWorks staff, the other fans on the page are people who love beer and cocktails as much as you do (and that’s hard to do!) Go ahead; discuss your favorite IPA or how to make a kickass martini. Anything goes!

KegWorks on Facebook

We’ll see you there!


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