Finishing Touches: Glassware

So, there you are. You’ve got your nice lookin’ bar, great music, and the kegs on tap with some stylin’ tap handles. You’ve got the dart board, the “Pickpockets and Loose Women” sign, the stools, the tools… and you’ve got your best buds drinking out of what?! Those red plastic party cups? Are you kidding me? What is this, some kind of party at mom and dad’s house while they’re away for the night? Come on, man! Don’t get me wrong, plastic party cups have their time and place (give them to ridiculously clumsy people, use at a tailgate party, BBQs, or house parties –to name a few). Hell, KegWorks even sells them. It’s just that we know you’ve done a lot of work to make your home bar yours and you’ve taken considerable time and effort to create your own, personal space and atmosphere and it seems a shame to do a job so… well, half-assed. It’s true, we urge you to use those red plastic party cups whenever you throw a party with a lot of guests or if you’re poolside, but while you’re hosting family, friends, or your best buds at your bar, we’d like to see you put your best foot forward. That’s why we’ve pulled together this very basic reference guide to bar glassware:

Shot Glass SHOT
Jack Daniels
Cocktail Glass COCKTAIL
Yard Glass YARD
Collins Glass COLLINS
Tom Collins
Highball Glass HIGHBALL
Sex on the Beach
7 & 7
Gin & Tonic
Old Fashioned Glass OLD FASHIONED
Stein Beer Glass STEIN
Pilsner Glass PILSNER
Sake Glass SAKE
Rice Wine
Wine Glass WINE
White Wine
Red Wine
Champagne Glass CHAMPAGNE
Sparkling Wine
Coupe Glass COUPE

If it’s been said once, it’s been said millions of times, “Presentation is everything!” Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ, throwing a party, or slinging cocktails at your own personal watering hole, what you serve drinks in is just as important as the drink inside. After all, no one in their right mind would dream of serving a martini in a Dixie cup, right? Well, some might, but not you. You’ve got more class than that. Cheers! [techtags:GLASSWARE, STEMWARE, BEER STEIN, PILSNER GLASSES, MARTINI GLASS, COCKTAIL GLASSES, HIGHBALL, OLD FASHIONED]


  • techcommdood October 22, 2008 @ 11:25am

    Only Yard, Pilsner, and Stein for beer? You forgot Flute, Goblet, Pint (how could you forget pint???), Snifter, Stange, Tulip, and Weizen.

  • Ed October 22, 2008 @ 1:01pm


    You’re completely correct. While I never intended for this to be an all-inclusive , comprehensive list of glassware, a few key ones were left off the list – if only for the sake of brevity. Of course, I purposely had to “trim the fat” for this post, so I’m sure you’ll forgive my omitting the snifter, tulip, weizen, and variations of the above – as well as many others. 😉

    I’m hoping maybe we can one day have a static reference page at some point in the future rather a buried post that our customers and clients will have to find in our (albeit fantastic) blog. Perhaps then we’ll make the list significantly more comprehensive.

    Thanks for your feedback, ‘dood. It’s always good to know that someone’s keeping tabs on our blog.


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