Fireside Favorite

In my mind, there is almost nothing better than warming my bones in the comfort of a real fire, on a cold, wintry night. Each year, as winter rolls around again for yet another long visit, I begin to Eggnog with Brandyget anxious for the first snowfall, and in turn, the lighting of the first fire of the season. It’s especially comforting after a long day of snowboarding or digging out cars, buried by a freak storm. Nope, there is almost nothing better… in fact, I can think of only one thing that can heighten the experience of unwinding fireside… and that, is eggnog and brandy. Yum.

Warm or cold, homemade or store-bought (store-bought may not be homemade, but it certainly adds to the experience of relaxation), eggnog with a healthy dose of brandy always hits the spot. Top it with nutmeg, toss in a cinnamon stick for good measure, and you’re in for a tasty treat.

I was scoping out some of the newest additions to our site this morning, and found that we now have the Tom and Jerry Drink Mix in stock, which is a close cousin to my fireside favorite. Perhaps I’ll have to give that a shot as well!

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