Flat Beer No More! Draft Beer Tip

Do you know dirty beer glasses can make your draft beer cloudy and flat? If you don’t, read on! If you already do, get drinking.

A dirty glass can keep you from getting a proper head on your draft beer, give your beer a funny taste or make a good beer flat.

What to watch out for:

  • Flat beer: If the foamy head disappears quickly when you pour your beer or your beer has that not-so-fresh taste.
  • Cloudy Beer: If your beer is not clear and crisp looking, but instead is hazy and cloudy.
  • Beer that tastes anything but clean and fresh. If it smells like soap, and tastes like soap – it’s probably soapy!

Have you ever heard the term “beer clean”? It’s colloquial in the bar and restaurant industry; It means ‘really, really clean’. A dirty glass can be laden with oils, dirt and other residuals that you cannot see. These contaminants keep you from pouring the perfect tasting draft beer. So, it is essential, for a true beer lover, to keep your beer glasses ultra clean, or “beer clean”.

Here is what we suggest:

  • Keep your glass washing area sanitary and clean.
  • Try to use beer glasses for beer only.
  • Do not use dish soap on your beer glasses! Use detergent. Soaps have oils in them that will make your beer flat. There are detergents made especially for bar glasses.
  • Manual Glass BrushWash beer glasses with sponges and utensils only used for washing your glasses. Never use sponges or scrubbers that you use on food. Food residue can completely affect the taste of your beer.
  • Let glasses air-dry. Using towels can leave lint in and on your glasses.


Commercial bars usually use expensive electric cleaners designed specifically for cleaning beer and bar glasses and these work really well for high volume bars. For the home bar owner, a simple, inexpensive powder made specifically for cleaning beer glasses and a manual brush will do the trick.

Hope this helps pave the way for better beer. Keep your eyes out for more beer and bar tips.

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