Florida Gators Tailgating Bus – Complete with a Kegerator

Tuesday was I Wear Your Shirt Day here at the office. Basically, we hired a couple of cool dudes to wear our IITYWIMWYBMAD? T-shirt (If I tell you what it means, will you buy me a drink?) for the day and talk about us via social media like Facebook and Twitter. They decided to start a contest and have some of their friends and fans write on our KegWorks Facebook Page. We love making new friends, so we were excited to chat with Peter VanRysdam of Gainesville, Florida when he commented on our wall.

Florida Gators Tailgate Bus

As it turns out, Peter had already purchased some draft beer equipment from us awhile back. Once he told us what he’d done with it, we were intrigued. He and his friends not only installed a kegerator in a short school bus, they split the line to run a second tap to the outside of the vehicle.

Florida Gators Tailgate Bus

Judging by these photos he showed us, Peter is not only the ultimate KegWorks fan – he’s the #1 University of Florida Gators fan (or at least a top contender).

So, here’s to innovation, sportsmanship, Peter VanRysdam and cold, delicious draft beer from the side of a retired school bus. Cheers!


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