Review: Flying Dog Road Dog Porter

I couldn’t put it better than Hunter S. Thompson himself: “Good people drink good beer.” Truer words have never been spoken. I am surrounded by some of the best people in the world, on a daily basis, and we all have one thing in common; we love good beer.

Flying Dog Road Dog PorterFlying Dog offers a fantastic selection of the good stuff. This past weekend, I tasted the Flying Dog Road Dog Porter for the first time. Not only were the contents of the bottle delicious, but the label itself was a treat as well! Ralph Steadman’s maniacal drawings adorn every bottle of Flying Dog’s brews, but the screed on the side was what had me rolling… the makers of Road Dog fought long and hard for their constitutional right to use the word “shit” (as in good shit) on their bottles of this porter, and boy, did they use it! Make sure to read the label the next time you get your hands on Road Dog.

But what about the beer itself, you may be wondering…. Well, I can tell you this: I am now officially a fan of Flying Dog and look forward to trying each and every brew they offer.

Road Dog Porter pours a deep, dark coffee-brown with about an inch of creamy, light tan head, which dissipated after about 5 or so minutes. As I brought my glass to my mouth for my first taste, I was treated to a dark chocolate nose, brought on by the sweet malt. The porter offers a heavy, creamy mouthfeel that’s silky on the tongue, from the first sip to the last. A mix of heavy malt lends a rich sweetness, mingling with a bite of hops on the edges of your tongue, finishing with the essence of coffee as it slides down your throat. Each sip is truly an experience in itself!

Although I usually wait until the winter season to enjoy porters, weather here in Buffalo has been on the brisk side of late summer, so the Road Dog was certainly enjoyable. Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, and give this brew a try!



  • Deron September 19, 2008 @ 11:18am


    Funny story about this beer – we went on the spring pub crawl on Monroe Ave out here in April, and one of the stops was Oxford’s. Recently they got a new manager, and he brought in a lot of micros. I was looking for my first beer, asked for this, and he said I can have the remaining 4 for free since he got a six pack for free from the distributor and hasn’t sold any of it. Major score. Needless to say, I was feeling no pain by the time we left the first bar.
    For a few other great examples of this style, try Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, Stone Smoked Porter, and Rogue Mocha Porter.

  • Hannah September 19, 2008 @ 11:34am

    Deron – Yes! I love that story – wish I’d been there!

    I’ve had the Edmund Fitzgerald – it was actually in my hand when I spotted the Road Dog. I (happily) went with Flying Dog instead, just to try something new. It’s great to have so many porters to choose from. I’ll have to try the Rogue Mocha Porter next!

    BTW, I noticed Ommegang’s Chocolate Indulgence on the shelves while I was there, and I thought of you. I’ll definitely be picking up a bottle of that to try soon!

  • Deron September 19, 2008 @ 1:46pm

    We did a chocolate and beer pairing at Murph’s girlfriend’s house last weekend. She had a Dove chocolate party…I’m sure you know the drill….a rep comes to your house, gives the 5 minute presentation, and you sample then buy their stuff. Anyways, we had on hand for beers:

    Liefmanns Framboise
    Lindemans Kriek
    Melbourne Brothers Strawberry
    Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence
    Young’s Double Chocolate Stout
    Rogue Chocolate Stout
    Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

    It was interesting, the best thing about the night was the 5-6 people that never even knew beers like this existed. If I can open the door on quality beer to one person a week, mission accomplished.

  • Hannah September 19, 2008 @ 1:58pm

    OMG Deron! Yum! Of the listed, I’ve only imbibed in Young’s. Cheers to your mission – and consider me as one you’ve brought to the “dark” side!

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