Flying Dog Wild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock

On a recent errand run, I found myself at Premier, standing in front of the Flying Dog selection. Coming upon a number of brews I hadn’t yet tried, I decided to treat myself to some Gonzo Imperial Porter and this gigantic bottle of Wild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock.

Word on Wild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock, straight from Flying Dog:

It may seem like we say this every time we release a Wild Dog beer, but our newest brew really is Flying Dog’s most unique beer to date. Collaborator Doppelbock was created through Flying Dog’s Open Source Beer Project, which gave amateur brewers a chance to give our brewing team recommendations and feedback on the everything from the grain, hops and yeast to the brewing process itself. We combined your feedback and created a unique Doppelbock recipe to brew up and release.

Flying Dog Wild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock
You’ve got to love a brewery that cares enough to get feedback from its loyal customers. I was most certainly looking forward to having a taste of Flying Dog’s newest creation.

It poured a ruby amber color, with a floral, alcohol-tinged scent that flirted with my nose. The creamy head had alright retention, but nothing to write home about. The mouthfeel, too, was slightly lacking, at least as far as what I look for in a doppelbock. I also tend to expect more of a coffee or chocolate taste in a doppelbock, but this was not really the case with Wild Dog – not to say that bitter chocolate notes did not exist – they were simply not as distinct as the floral hops and something that was reminiscent of hickory, with a touch of apple.

Different from any doppelbock I’ve tried, including my favorite, Ayinger Celebrator, the Wild Dog was a tasty brew, but not one I’d get again if I were specifically in the mood for what I deem doppelbock-esque.

What are your favorite doppelbocks?



  • Deron March 23, 2009 @ 9:56am

    Top 5 Doppelbocks is on it’s way soon. This isn’t on the list b/c I haven’t had it. I thought for $15/bottle it better be mind-blowing.

  • Hannah March 23, 2009 @ 10:06am

    well deron, I truly don’t believe this particular doppelbock would’ve made it on your list. honestly, you haven’t missed much here. now, if you haven’t had the pleasure of Ayinger Celebrator… THEN i’d say you’re missing out for sure.

  • Deron March 23, 2009 @ 10:46am

    You kidding me? I have a collection of like, 100 of the “little horsies” somewhere. It is DAMN good, although I don’t think it can crack my top 5.

  • Hannah March 23, 2009 @ 10:49am

    Damn! I knew you had to have had it already… 🙂 well, i am SERIOUSLY looking forward to your Top 5 Doppelbocks since you (a) love my favorite thus far (b) but have 5 others you think are better. Bring em on!!

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