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Are you following @kegworks on Instagram?


If you’re reading our blog, I’m guessing you like what we have to say. And thank you for that. It makes writing for you that much more enjoyable because you guys consistently come here, read what we have to say, share it with your friends, and sometimes, you even tell us how much you enjoy it. That means a lot to us. Truly.

All of that is a long-winded intro to my main question: are you following us on Instagram? If not, I think you should be. Maybe you don’t have an Instagram account, or you just didn’t know we were on there, but now you know. And I promise, if you like what we have to say on here, you’ll love what we have to show on there. I guarantee it.

To sweeten the pot a little bit, we’re running a little “contest” between now and Friday, April 11th. All you have to do is toss us a follow on Instagram, and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a $30 gift card, redeemable on any purchase on, or at our Buffalo Retail Store.

Follow us on Instagram Contest

How easy is that? A couple of clicks, and you’re done. We’ll do a drawing the following week to decide the winner. There’s really no catch. We just have a lot to share, and we want you to see it. On Instagram, we like to post more lifestyle content – like what’s on tap in our office kegerator, behind-the-scenes video content, and just random pictures and videos that relate to the wonderful culture of beer, wine, and cocktail drinking.

Some of what you'll find on the KegWorks Instagram

Click here to go directly to our page, or simply search for our handle @KegWorks on your Instagram app. We hope to see you there.

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