Follow Us on Twitter & Win a $25 KegWorks Gift Card

Follow Us On Twitter For a Chance To Win a $25 Gift Card

So we’re in this social media contest and we’ve made it into the final round of the local competition. We’re so close to advancing to Nationals and winning a $7500 donation for Roswell Park Cancer Institute we can almost taste it. But first, we need your help!

The contest measures the number of votes we get here as well as social media effectiveness, which is determined by a super-secret algorithm.

An unfortunate spamming on Twitter recently gifted us with more than 20,000 new followers, and the huge spike in our score was amazing! The bad news is they were all fake accounts and we had to block them all, one by one – losing all of those points. On a positive note, we now know the value of a new Twitter follower.

To get some real, quality followers, we thought we’d provide a little incentive. Before today is over, one lucky Twitter follower who meets the following criteria will win a $25 gift card to our website:

1. Twitter user must follow us @KegWorks
2. Twitter user must send out a tweet encouraging others to follow us
3. Twitter user must not be spam – we’re so over spam

The contest ends at 5pm EST today, Monday July 9, 2012. At that time, we will compile our list of eligible tweeters and randomly select a winner.

Don’t forget to vote, like us on Facebook, and follow us on LinkedIn too!

Thanks to all of you who have been voting along the way! We wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Good luck to all who participate, may the best tweeter win!

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