Football and the Buffalo Bills: A Brief Appreciation

Well friends, it’s finally here. The moment that we’ve anticipated and pined for since early February has arrived. Together we’ve survived the late winter doldrums, the damp depression of spring, and the pounding heat of summer. And now here we are: Kickoff 2013!

Football, welcome back. Please don’t ever leave again.

Here at KegWorks, we have the great fortune (?) of being staffed predominantly by Buffalo Bills fans. If you’re at all familiar with the Bills you might know these facts:

1. We went to four straight Super Bowls in the early 1990s.

2. We lost all of them in increasingly embarrassing ways.

3. We’ve basically sucked since then.


Flutie Flakes

Seriously, this is the highlight of our last 20 years as Bills fans.

But hope, as they say, springs eternal. And around the office, we’re feeling pretty good about what our boys in blue have up their sleeves for this year. Sure, they might not be “successful” or “win” many games. They might not have “talent,” but do you know what they do have? The full faith and love of a once-and-future-great American city with an inordinate amount of pride staked on our football team. As the Bills go, so goes Buffalo. And by God, we won’t go down without a fight.

Man covered in condiments

Well, at least we’d beat the Patriots in a food fight.

Of course, that’s just us. But we know that there are 31 other fan bases out there that feel more or less exactly the same way about their stupid team. So, is it just a game? Nah. That’s not right. It’s a game and a distraction and a point of pride and the impetus for the formation of a regional tribe and any number of other things. But most of all? It’s a reason to gather with your friends and family on autumn Sundays, have a couple of beers, and forget that Monday looms large, glimmering with that uniquely repulsive sheen of forced responsibility.

So long live football, long live those shining Sundays, and most importantly, long live the Buffalo Bills. Also, Tom Brady is a pretty boy.


Pretty Tom

“Ohhhhh. I’m Tom Brady. Kiss kiss kiss. I’m cute. Kiss kiss kiss.”


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