Football’s Second Season

Sadly, football season has come to a close and my beloved Buffalo Bills didn’t quite make the playoff cut… again. Not since the infamous and gut-wrenching “Music City Miracle” in 1999 has the team played a game in January. That’s a long stretch of futility for a once-proud franchise and their rabid fan base.

Sippin SeatFortunately, the team has been stocking up on likable young talent. Though they finished the season with another painfully mediocre 7-9 record, it looks like they’ve turned a corner and are poised to make a move up the standings next year. Then again, I’ve had a similar sentiment this time every year for nearly a decade.

Anyway, even though the Bills are playing golf instead of football right now, the playoffs look like they’ll be very entertaining. The most high profile running subplot is, of course, if the New England Patriots can cement their status as the greatest team of all time with a championship victory. I hate them, mostly out of jealousy, but I like the way they embraced the role of hated villain throughout the season. Our entire country, outside of New England of course, has found common ground in loathing the Patriots. Here’s hoping they get stomped by Indy or, better yet, Green Bay in the final.

Speaking of football’s grand finale, there’s still time to gear up for the “Big Game.” You know, the one at the beginning of February. I can’t mention the game by its real name for fear of a certain wildly popular football organization sending hired goons after me. Or worse, lawyers. It’s okay… my older brother’s a lawyer. I kid because I love.

Enjoy the playoffs. As for the Bills, there’s always next year… right? What do you mean they’re moving to Toronto in a few years?


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