For Your Enjoyment: Beer Inspired Pumpkins

We received this photo from one of our Facebook fans recently – he carved it freehand and we love it.

Beer Inspired Pumpkin Carving

Seeing his creativity prompted us to search the interwebs for some other fun beer related pumpkins. Here’s a visual tour of what we came up with.

Beer Inspired Pumpkin Carving

This one looks real enough and it’s pretty awesome – although even though the guy appears to be slim, he does have a little man-boob going on.

Beer Inspired Pumpkin Carving

I like this one too –although it messes with my depth perception. Would that thing even glow?

Beer Inspired Pumpkin Carving

This one is good-looking AND practical. I can’t help but wonder if there’s actually ice in there.

Beer Inspired Pumpkin Carving

This is pretty awesome – aside from the fact that you’d have to find a pumpkin large enough and enough friends to move it. I wonder if they carved this one with a chainsaw?

Beer Inspired Pumpkin Carving

We’ve made a watermelon keg before – why not a pumpkin keg? This actually looks like the beer line is just running through it – but still… it’d be worth a little experimentation to see if you could get it to work. If you were worried about your beer, I bet rum and cider from one of these would be great.

If you come up with something fun or you’ve done something cool with a pumpkin in the past, we’d love to hear about it!


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