Frozen Fruit Juice: Tastes of Summer

I loved popsicle sticks when I was younger. I used to save them (especially the ones that had jokes on them) and glue them together to make bridges or forts or whatever else populated my sandbox from time to time.

Now as summer is approaching it seems like a great time to make actual popsicles. Not the weird colored metallic tasting green ones that supposedly taste like lime, but actually freeze real fruit juices to make a much better tasting popsicle and lower the calorie count too (you don’t want to end up with a beer belly from too many popsicles this summer, the guys will never let you live that down).

Popsicle Sticks

So try out some new flavors. I really like the weird cranberry juice cocktail combinations they’ve come up with in the last few years. Citrus fruits would be great as well. Or if you want to go really crazy, pour the juice in partway and continue filling the container (plastic works best) as the day goes on for a combination that only you can imagine.

Keep refreshed this summer!


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