Welcome Back, Tom

Toms New DoorWhen you work for a place called KegWorks, it is kind of a given that your job will be a bit more fun than the average 9-to-5 office gig.

Usually Tom, our CEO, does a fantastic job of helping us balance the fun stuff with getting down to business.

This week Tom went out of town.

As the old adage goes, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. And play we did.

I didn’t think that our office could possibly get any more relaxed but someone in upper management (we won’t name names) had the great idea of replacing Tom’s office door with something a little more “welcoming” and “summery” while he was at his conference. We ran with it.

Sure, we’ll all have a good laugh tomorrow morning when we see the look on Tom’s face once he sees his new entryway… but in all seriousness, who wouldn’t love coming back to an office with a door that makes you feel like you’re walking out onto the patio?

He’s going to love it for sure. I can already hear him saying, “Hannah, please step onto my terrace for our 2 o’clock meeting…”


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