GABF Coming Soon! (Great American Beer Festival)

For those of you have never heard of the Great American Beer Festival, you’re missing out on one of the world’s premier beer events. Held every fall in downtown Denver, Colorado. It’s 3 days (4 sessions) of the best in American beers.

The 2005 edition is being held from Sept 29th to Oct 1st. This will be the 24th year for the fest. Some figures on just how large this is:

  • Approx 28,000 people will attend.
  • Over 330 breweries from across the US.
  • Over 1400 beers to sample.

If you plan on attending, here are some tips:

  • BOOK NOW! Hotels in downtown Denver fill up very quickly.
  • Book your flights now, too. I found a Buffalo to Denver round trip (Thursday-Sunday) for only $168. We’re jumping on that one.
    Transport from the Denver airport to downtown is very expensive so beware. Taxis run about $50+ each way. If you have a large group, consider renting a limo or van in advance.
  • If you only plan on attending one session, the Saturday afternoon CONNOISSEUR TASTING is the best. The tickets are a bit higher ($50) but there aren’t as many people, you can view the awards ceremony and most of the brewers are actually there.

Another thing… sometimes groups of people come dressed up in costumes. Weird, I know. Last year a group of guys came as Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. One of the funniest sights I have ever seen. See you there!

At the Great American Beer Fest

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