Genny Cream Ale Receives Backhanded Compliment

Our friends over at Esquire compiled a list of Ten Canned Beers to Drink Now and they certainly picked some good ones – here’s an abridged version of the top nine:

1.   Dale’s Pale Ale – Oskar Blues
2.   Porkslap Pale Ale – Butternuts
3.   Brooklyn Lager 16 oz – Brooklyn Brewery (duh)
4.   Fat Tire Amber Ale – New Belgium
5.   Harpoon IPA – Harpoon (duh)
6.   CynicAle 16 oz – Surly Brewing Co
7.   Boont Amber Ale – Anderson Valley
8.   Pabst Blue Ribbon
9.   Simpler Times Lager – Minhas Craft Brewery (never had this one)

Being from Upstate NY, number ten is a beer that’s close to our hearts – Genesee Cream Ale. The beer made the list, which is good, yet author Mark Byrne didn’t exactly sing its praises. Then again, the ugliest girl in the hot sorority is still in the hot sorority.

Genny Cream Ale

Maybe it’s just a defensive mechanism but he may have been a little harsh – he actually used the word “disgusting.” How rude. It’s not a beer we’re running out to buy in mass quantities or anything but it is a good representation of the style and it’s overall not a bad beer. Perhaps Mr. Byrne should refrain from visiting Rochester, NY for a while.

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