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We all have stuff that we’re into. For instance, I’ve been hooked on cat grooming since I was just a young lad. I lure stray cats into my home with a piece of trout and some yarn, then toss those mangy toms into the tub. Pop off my shirt, crank up the Creed, get out some Brüt and a comb, and all of a sudden I’m looking at a pretty magical Saturday night.

But there’s a problem. Some of these itty bitty kitties are more agreeable than others. For every Mr. Mittens that I truly bond with, there are at least two or three Scruggsy Black Hearts that do little more than hiss and try to detach my retina from my eyeball. When I’m lost in a daydream, reminiscing about my grooming prowess, I often think, “Boy, I was really tending the everloving shit out of Fluffs McGee’s fur the other night. I wonder if I used a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. I sure do wish I had some handy-dandy way of keeping track of things like that.”

I’m not going to lie to you, you guys. I’m pretty much out of luck. But what about the rest of you? What if, instead of cat grooming, you’re fascinated by some more mainstream pursuit? Perhaps you’re a lover of fine wines, a cigar aficionado, a cheese head, a chocoholic, a whiskey sipper, a beer freak, or a well-caffeinated coffee connoisseur. All noble endeavors, all potentially overwhelming by virtue of the sheer volume and variety of your tongue-tantalizing exploits.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, muchacho. Do you really have the brainpower to track all of your tastings? Are you truly capable of mentally cataloging last Saturday’s stellar cigar (or whatever) in such a way that you’ll be able to reliably pull that info out of the cluttered dustbin that is your brain? Unless you’re Raymond Babbitt, the answer to these questions is probably a resounding “No.” (Of course, if you are Raymond Babbitt, the answer is probably “Yeah, ten minutes to Wapner, yeah.”)

Well, we’re here to help. We encourage your undying passion for your hobbies and beyond that, we want you to reap all the benefits of your impressive willingness to expand your horizons. In other words, we believe that you should keep tasting whatever it is you want to taste, but let’s get practical on this bad bitch.

Beer, Wine, Cheese, Whiskey, Cigar, Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Notebooks

With our “33” series of tasting notebooks we give you the framework you need to carefully curate your various experiences with a concrete resource for looking back on the different varieities you’ve tried. No longer will you lose the name of that wonderful treat to the whispering winds in your head. Never again will you twice subject yourself to a subpar tasting for no reason other than that you forgot you had been through that particular hell once already.

Tasting Notebooks

Each of these notebooks is specially designed to allow you to quickly and easily record the vital details of your most recent conquest. Just throw one in your pocket and you’ll always be ready to let your mouth go exploring! If you have a hobby, or know someone who does, these are a can’t miss addition that will make your life (at least) 45 million times better. And if you get down with your bad self in a way that isn’t reflected amongst the seven books that we already have, hit us up in the comments. You never know when we might be able to crank some more of these beauties out. Just don’t hold your breath on “33 Cats I’ve Groomed” because goodness knows, I’ve already begged enough for both of us! Meow!

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