Get The Bar Ready For The Holidays

It’s that time of year again… time to get ready for the holidays and get the bar stocked.
The essentials:

Cocktail Shakers: We’ve got mini shakers that are the perfect size for making just one drink. Also check out the Glass Bar Shaker.

Ice Buckets: KegWorks has these available in two different sizes. The larger one we have is even made in the USA!

Bar Tools: You name it, we’ve got it: Long Bar Spoons, Fruit Muddlers, Jiggers, Bar Strainers, Ice Scoops and much more.

Shot Glasses: You can never have enough shot glasses. We have several different styles, glass, plastic and even quaffers.

Cocktail Mixers: We’ve got some really off-the-wall cocktail mixers. Check out our cocktail mixers and syrups.

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