Eat Too Much Turkey to Beat the Black Friday Mall-Goers?

Who wants to get up at 4am, stand in line with tons of folk you don’t know and make a mad rush to the door of some packed store anyway? I know I don’t, and I seriously doubt you’re feeling it either. Instead, enjoy the fruits of the internet every way you can and do your post-Thanksgiving shopping from home.

Wine and Cheese Picnic ToteI mean it. You can get everything you’re looking for this season online, without ever being jammed up in traffic, searching high and low for a parking spot, or waiting in line amongst screaming children, only to find that the coveted gift you’re looking for is out of stock.

Sit back, relax, enjoy a cold beer and shop from the comfort or your couch. We’ll help get you started:

There now, doesn’t that sound like a better way to spend your Black Friday? It’s not looking so bleak anymore after all.



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