Girl Scout Cookie Beer? Yes Please.

Girl Scout Cookie Beer

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Since Cevercería de MateVeza opened their doors in San Francisco a little over a year ago, they’ve been experimenting with some crazy, creative styles. Their latest innovation was a series of beers inspired by five flavors of Girl Scout Cookies.

Jim Woods, one of the owners of MateVeza, said the idea came about when a customer came in with a box of Samoas, which happens to be Woods’ favorite flavor. “One of our beertenders said, ‘This would taste pretty good with beer.’ “ Seeing this as both a challenge and an opportunity, Woods replied “I bet I could brew all of the Girl Scout cookies.”

This conversation took place on March 14, just three days before cookie sales ended. So Woods and his partner, Matt Coelho, ordered a bunch of cookies from their local Girl Scout troop, and they brewed all five beers in one day. After multiple cookie samplings and beer tastings, two upset stomachs, and one long, hard day’s work, they were left with the following beers:

Salted Chocolate Stout with Peanut Butter – crafted from Tagalongs
Belgian Dubbel Coconut & Cocoa Nibs – crafted from Samoas
Peanut Butter Cream Ale – crafted from Do-si-dos
Peppermint Porter – crafted from Thin Mints
Shortbread Golden Ale – crafted from Trefoils

Girl Scout Cookie Beer

Samoas and Tagalongs were the most difficult to match, so they had to get creative. For the Samoas, they ended up roasting their own coconut, and they used chocolate nibs and a peanut butter powder called PB2 for the Tagalongs. In addition, they put the Salted Chocolate Stout on nitrogen to give it a more creamy character.

They made the beers available at their brewery on March 15th for $6 – $9 a piece, and of course, they sold out within days. Woods says the response was excellent and they plan to do it again. I’m really hoping they bottle these bad boys next year and send some to New York. I’d drop some serious coin to try one of those Tagalong Salted Chocolate Stouts.

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