Give the Gift of Guinness

Here at KegWorks, we have a fairly extensive selection of Guinness-related gear to choose from. Allow me to take a moment to highlight some new items we’ve recently added, just in time for Christmas.

Guinness Distressed HatGuinness Pint Cap:
If it wasn’t so close to Christmas, I would have bought this hat for myself already. I tried on the sample we received and it’s extremely comfortable. I’ve had a San Antonio Spurs hat with the same flex-fit design as this one for over ten years and I still wear it. It’s filthy and most people are repulsed by it, but I can’t help myself – it’s that comfortable.

Guinness Bar Mirror:
Like the one you see in your local pub, only smaller. The perfect size for your home bar.

Guinness Gaelic Print T-Shirt:
I’d imagine this is what Guinness labels looked like back in the 18th Century… if they even had labels back then. I don’t know. It’s a cool shirt, nonetheless.

Guinness Tulip Pint Glass:
Guinness brewmaster Fergal Murray says the best way to enjoy a Guinness is in a clean, dry tulip pint glass. They don’t go handing the title “brewmaster” out to just anyone, so I’m inclined to believe him.

Guinness History Book:
Guess where I learned that last little tidbit about the tulip glass? From this book! This tome contains everything you ever wanted to know about Guinness, and more. Who knows, you may even find out what Guinness labels looked like in the 18th Century.

Everyone’s got a Guinness nut or two in their life. I can think of three without getting past my family and close friends. Hopefully, I just made your Christmas shopping, and by extension your life, a little bit easier. If you are the biggest Guinness fan you know, go ahead and forward this post to everyone that may get you a present. With a little bit of that luck o’ the Irish, you might end up with some cool Guinness gear.


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