Give Your Feet a Home

Combination Bar BracketLast week, our top selling product was our combination brass bar rail bracket. These brackets are often our best sellers, and a product that our team highly recommends, and with good cause – they’re secure, high quality and classic.

Enjoying his Bar Foot RestThese bar brackets mount to both the front face of your bar and to the floor to make sure that your bar foot rails stay tight (even through all those late nights, when your wife is giving you “the eye,” hoping that you’ll send your obnoxious buddies home), and they come with all the hardware you need to install them.

If you have a home bar, adding bar rails gives your bar an added dimension of class and distinction. Not to mention making sitting at your bar infinitely more comfortable. Without bar rails, your feet have no home; they just hang in space awaiting a good resting spot. You feel a bit out of sorts, uncomfortable, confused. (If only my feet had a home!)

So, you’re not Tim the Toolman Taylor? All good. We make installing bar rails in your home bar easy. Check out these easy installation instructions! We swear you can do it! (And if you can’t, we’re sure that one of your buddies owes you for supplying the beer during all the big games).

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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