Save Ample Space in Your Home Bar or Kitchen

I’ve lived on my own for nearly 11 years and my many apartments have ranged in size from shoebox to 2-story monstrosity. No matter what type of place I lived, one thing remained the same; I am always lacking cabinet space.

Glass Stemware RacksMy kitchen cabinets, instead of being filled with food, are typically overflowing with glassware – beer glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses – you name it, I’ve got enough to fill 4 standard cabinets. Where does that leave my pantry items and baking equipment? Good question.

I’m between apartments for the next few months, living out of a few bags, but I’ve decided that, in the next place I call home, I will take it upon myself to quickly, easily and cost-effectively solve this decade-long problem of mine. I’m buying under counter glass racks. That way, any glass with a stem and a base can be moved from my collection in my cabinets, and I’ll have more room for food, my Kitchen Aid mixer, cake pans, bowls and whatever else I deem worthy of the newfound space.

Not only will I have more room to work with, but my glassware will be better protected and add to the décor of my kitchen as well… not to mention be ready and waiting for use, at any given moment.

Damn. How did it take me so long to come to this conclusion, anyway? Sometimes the simplest and most effective solutions are right under our noses.


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