Gnomegang: A Rumination on The Collaboration

Krampus and Fezziwig (KegWorks’ favorite guinea pigs) dropped by the office with a letter to us from their Keeper


Gentle Reader,

While I was strolling through the garden in the recent late winter thaw I let out a gasp. My poor foot had run afoul of something that was concealed beneath the last vestiges of cold northern air mixing with the Great Lakes wet season. I brushed off the offending object and Lo! A gnome of the garden variety impishly smiled at me, his pick lackadaisically flung over his shoulder. I prepared to go about my jaunt; putting the lawn ornament off to the side of the garden to the left of St. Francis feeding the birds, and to the right of the lady-in-polka-dot-dress-bending-over wood cut out. I heard a high pitched squeal and turned about to see what could have made such a sound. Finding neither Krampus, nor Fezziwig had escaped the bonds of their rodent lives, I was confused. Then the gnomish statue started to jump up and down; all the while yelling out for my attention. He explained his name was Artemis, and that he was an attaché of the Great Gnomish Empire with its capital in Achouffe. He told me the Gnome Emperor had been sending his emissaries out across the world to announce a very exciting development:

Brewery Ommegang and Brasserie d’Achouffe are collaborating on a Belgian Strong Golden Ale utilizing both the Achoufe and Ommegang yeasts! The diminutive fellow announced the effort would be named Gnomegang. He said to look for it in April at your favorite bottle shop.

Peace and All Good Things,

-your writer


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