Go Green or Go Home: The Beer Can Surfboard

While enjoying a brew at a local beachside bar, artist Richard Morrison couldn’t help but notice how many cans of beer were slurped down and tossed aside, in favor of another run at the waves. [blogs.laweekly.com] He thought to himself, what could I make by recycling uncrushed beer cans? The idea came to him just a little while later, while hanging out in one of his favorite dives, decorated with surfboards dangling throughout the joint. He figured, why not try to construct a surfboard from used beer cans and see how it rides? So he did. Beer Can Surfboard Morrison’s one-off project turned into more than he originally planned. Now, he’s working on his very own Enviro Surf Art Series for riders who, like himself, wish to go green or go home. [techtags:SURFBOARDS, BEER CAN SURFBOARD, ENVIRO SURF ART]

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