Go Guinness or Go Home

Guinness KoozieSt. Patrick’s Day is just over a week away, so if you’re going to gussy up with Guinness, it’s now or never. Below, a sampling of great Guinness gear to get your Irish juices flowing.

Going to a parade? Bring this shamrock-clad Guinness koozie. You’ll keep your stout cold and your hands dry… unless you spill, but that wouldn’t be any fault of the koozie.

Often misplace your home bottle opener? Screw this into the wall and never wonder where your Guinness opener is again. Heck, you could even install the Guinness cap catcher under it and make clean-up that much easier.

Guinness Bottle Opener

Have a draft beer system at home but want to drink Guinness on tap for St. Pat’s? I don’t blame you. So do I. Pick up the partial Guinness conversion kit and you’re set. European specialty faucet, Guinness coupler and CO2 to nitrogen adapter. It’s that easy.

Guinness Extra Stout Sign

Want to add some Guinness flair to your home bar, rec room, den or… anywhere? We’ve got a number of great Guinness signs, including this new Raised Guinness Extra Stout sign, which I positively love.

We’ve got lots more Guinness and St. Patrick’s Day gear too; check it out.


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