Go Hard or Go Home – Introducing the Sippin’ Seat

Football season is in full swing, accompanied by the tradition of tailgating on a crisp Sunday afternoon. Sippin Seat Flask CushionI’d like to present to you the perfect accoutrement to maximize the enjoyment of your game day experience: the Sippin’ Seat flask cushion. In today’s world of high-tech gadgets and gizmos, this little multi-tasking beauty manages to stand out because it’s so simple and efficient.

Let’s review the big game or concert formula: typical stadium seats are hard and unforgiving; event concessions are really expensive. You do the math and the solution is obvious, if not always accepted: bring your own cushion and your own beverages. Or, bring along your Sippin’ Seat to eliminate both concerns in one fell swoop.

Granted, I would never condone the smuggling of contraband into a sporting event or concert, but what you do with your Sippin’ Seat is your own business (Here’s where I wink and nod knowingly). Just remember that I’m not authorized to send you a replacement for free if yours gets confiscated. If you prefer to abide by all posted rules and regulations, it’s also really great for pre-gaming, camping, hunting and a host of other outdoor activities.


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