Golf and Which Cigar? Part 1

The snow is gone! Usually in Buffalo that is enough to start hitting the links. Who cares what the temperature is, No Snow = Golf Season! Thus the rekindling of Golf Beer Can Coolera perfect marriage: the outdoors and cigars. Calling up your friends and picking a course to play at is usually an easy choice; what is close by, and which one won’t have a long wait time. Choosing which cigar(s) to smoke while playing golf is a whole different matter. It is not as simple as grabbing a few sticks out of the humidor and running off to the course. There are a few directions this line of action could take.

1. Smoke something unique, one of your better smokes.
2. Smoke something you don’t care about.
3. Who cares, I smoke whatever someone else brings.

Before we go any further, which one of the 3 are you? In my next post we will analyze the different routes golfers take.


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