Golf and Which Cigar? Part 2

What type of golfing cigar smoker are you? Over the years I have noticed three types of cigar smokers on the course:

1. Those that smoke the “best” cigars.
2. Those that smoke “golf” cigars.
3. Those that smoke anything that will burn.

Type 1 cigar smokers take the opportunity they have on the course as a chance to smoke a nice cigar, something they consider top notch. They usually don’t often have the Golfer Bar Signopportunity to smoke any other time. Whether they are busy and can’t block the time out or whatever. Their golf time and their cigar time are one and the same.

The type 2 cigar smoker regularly enjoys a cigar usually at the cigar shop with guys, or on the porch after a tough day at work. Therefore, the golf course is just another place to light up. These types usually have a stock of “golf” cigars. These are smokes that the person would normally not smoke given a choice. However they make a perfect stick for the golf course. Given the sometimes windy conditions and distractions on the golf course, such as playing golf and flirting with the cart girl, the type 2 person prefers the “golf” cigars because, given the unfortunate event of a bad shot or deflated ego should the cigar accidentally hit the nearest tree with blazing speed, it is not a big deal. You simply pull out another “golf” cigar and carry on.

Then every cigar smoker has played with the Type 3 guy. He will bum anything he can get his hands on, and you, not wanting to be rude, have to give him something; you don’t want to part with one of your premium smokes. Hopefully you have your “golf” cigars; again no big deal and everyone is happy.

Advantage – Type 2 guy!


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